Canada Lands Survey System - Canada Lands in Earth Browsers

Internet Explorer Users

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The Canada Lands overlay in KMZ format is now available for display in various earth browsers, such as Google Earth. It can be used to view the administrative boundaries and cadastral parcels within Indian Reserves, National Parks and the territories.

Be patient, this can take up to several minutes!

Installation notes

The SGB KMZ file is designed to optimally work with Google Earth 4.2 or later, but the format is also compatible with Google Maps, Google Maps for Mobile, Microsoft Virtual Earth, and NASA's World Wind.

In most cases, Canada Lands in KMZ format have four levels of detail:

  1. A general point location of the Canada Land for viewing at large extents
  2. Zooming in on the point will load the administrative boundaries
  3. Zooming in further will transition the display to parcel level data
  4. Clicking on the placemarks at the center of each parcel will display the attributes and links to the SRIS, PMIS, FTP site, and the CLSS Map browser
Canada Lands in Google Earth

Installation note: A download of the file is required only once followed by a save to My places. If you are experiencing functional or performance issue, we suggest you go to My places and remove any older versions of Canada Lands. For subsequent access, simply open Google Earth from your desktop and the Canada Lands information will be accessible.